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Trendgreen Associates is an agile, responsive by-product distribution company.
We offer solutions -
For companies needing by-products and
Companies producing by-products
throughout the United States.
Starting Point

Trendgreen Associates was started in 2009 to serve the needs of companies wanting to utilize by-products from other industries. Knowledge about where to find suitable by-products and how to safely transport them was coupled with a strong service mindset  from the start.  We are a woman owned small business.

Doing Business - 
Contact us at


Douglas Highsmith (Mobile) 501-467-0813


Austin Highsmith (Mobile) 832-704-8299

Benefits of Working WithTrendgreen Associates
  • Gain a competiive advantage

  • Move quickly to address needs

  • Proactive management of by-product supplies and needs

  • Manage responsive transportation

  • Optimize alternatives

  • Deliver on sustainability commitments

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