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Alternative Fuels 



Includes Wood By-Products, Off-Spec or Waste Liquids, Plastics, Tires, Carpet, Agricultural Residue, Paper - Anything that can be substitued for conventional fuels like coal or oil.


Raw Material Substitutes


Examples - Iron Oxide, Fly Ash, Spent Catalysts, Baghouse Dust, Slag, Alumina, Off Spec Liquids, Silica Fume, Foundry Sand.  The total list is much longer and grows as industry continues to innovate.


Materials Recycling/Reuse


Includes plastics, chemicals, petroleum liquids, kiln dust. Allow Trendgreen Associates to assist you in this dynamic market. 


Benefits of Using Alternative Fuels and Raw Material Substitutes
  • Helps industries remain globally competitive
  • Reduces mining/extraction of conventional fuels and materials
  • Reduces volume for disposal
  • Can be used to improve air quality
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